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Saturday, March 2, 2024
HomeBody Building Supplements13 Push-Ups for Athletic Dominance - Bigger Stronger Leaner - COMMUNITY

13 Push-Ups for Athletic Dominance – Bigger Stronger Leaner – COMMUNITY

Exercise chest muscles and improve athletic ability

Move like an athlete while toning your chest. Pick a pushup variation you’ve never tried before and get to work! Try one of these.

Why do pushups get zero respect? Pushups (when done correctly) are shoulder friendly, and you can make them harder or easier depending on your needs and goals.

But I get it. When it comes to upper body strength, there’s nothing like pushing a heavy barbell away from your chest and locking it in.but as i said 6 Pulling Exercises for Gains and Healthy Shoulders Sometimes all the stress can make your shoulders hurt.

So let’s do a quick review of proper push-up technique, then dive into different variations you can try.

push up technique

Even though pushups are a standard bodyweight exercise, that doesn’t mean we do them mindlessly without regard to form or technique. Here are a few points to focus on:

  • Place your hands shoulder-width apart. Go too narrow and you’ll put a lot of pressure on the front shoulders. Go too wide and you’ll also be putting stress on your shoulders, plus doing the equivalent of a pectoral flye on the ground.

  • Use three touchpoints. While I’m not aggressive about achieving “spine neutrality,” it’s good practice to start by keeping the back of the head, upper back, and hips as straight as possible. Not sure what it feels like? Use a PVC pipe or a broom to place it on your back. Make sure there is only a little sunlight between your lower back and the pipe. If you can drive a Mack truck through that gap, tighten your pelvis a bit to work your abs and core.

  • up to LONG. One of the biggest benefits of doing push-ups compared to traditional bench-pressing exercises like the bench press is that it allows the shoulder blades to move. So at the top, consider lengthening and pushing against the floor to move the shoulder blades and open the upper back.

  • Lower in one smooth motion. Back in the day, we were implying to actively “pull” the shoulder blades when lowering. While well-intentioned, I don’t think it’s giving us the benefits we want. It basically snaps the scapula together and then directs most of the stress to the glenohumeral joint. To fix this, lower and press in one smooth motion.

  • Always keep the core engaged. Once you have mastered these three contact points, work on maintaining them throughout the movement. Think of your torso and legs as a plank. The board stays straight even when your arms are moving. This is especially true at the midpoint when transitioning from an eccentric phase to a concentric phase. Tighten your core and don’t let your lumbar spine sag at the bottom.

  • Get those scaps moving! You’re doing pushups instead of bench presses because it moves the shoulder blades. So let them move! They should naturally fall together on the bottom. At the top, keep the chest up/out while doing long stretches on the floor for a full range of motion.

Beyond the Routine: Pushup Variations

Weightlifters think pushups are boring or not strong enough.but there is a way to make them Challenging and fun. Take a look at these four different categories:

  • Load/Resistance: Find ways to overload your push-ups and get stronger.

  • Stablize: These variations are intended for athletes requiring dynamic stability and control through the rotator cuff and core.

  • Dynamics and rotations: These pushups create more stability and rotation around the chest and spine.

  • Correction and Restoration: These pushups can improve body posture, restore movement, or just help you move and feel better.

Now let’s break each one down:

load changes

What are the benefits of loading changes? You do them almost the same as standard pushups. These are great options if you’re looking to continue building strength but still want to mobilize your scapula (or if the bench press is taking its toll on your shoulders).

  1. Band stop: Simply wrap the strap around your upper back and through your hands.

  2. chain: You can place them on your torso or neck.

  3. Weighted Vest: Just put it on and tie it on.

  4. Elevate your feet: Place your feet on a low stool or box.

The technique here is simple: keep your chest up/up, engage your core, and go LONG at the beginning and end.

Stability Pushup Variations

I like the variation in stability through the roof jacking up the core and shoulder stabilization needs. Here are a few options:

  1. Medicine Ball Pushups: Place each hand on a medicine ball, and set up like a standard pushup. Lock and connect your hands to the ball. Your core engagement will naturally increase due to instability. Make sure to keep it locked.

  2. Push-ups to one-arm hold-ups: Start in a standard position, but with your feet wider than usual to increase your base of support. Do a standard pushup, then lock out the core at the top and place one hand on the opposite shoulder. Hold for a second or two count, then repeat on the other side.

  3. Suspension trainer: These are great because the immediate instability requires you to lock down everything from top to bottom. I prefer a more balanced hand/shoulder position, somewhere between a pronated grip and a neutral grip. Always be tense.

Dynamic and Rotational Pushup Variations

If you want to move better and feel more athletic — or if you enjoy spinning sports like tennis, golf, or baseball — these are great options:

  1. Walk on the box: It’s a mix of pushups, planks, and lateral bear crawls. It gets your money’s worth. Start with one hand on the low box and the other hand on the ground. Do one pushup, then “walk” your hands across the box laterally, then do a pushup on the other side. Walk back and repeat. Enjoy the shoulder burn.

  2. Offset on Med Ball: Place one hand on the ground and the other on a small medicine ball. Complete the allotted number of repetitions, then switch sides.

  3. Alternate medicine ball: Start with one hand on the medicine ball and the other on the ground. Do a push-up, then roll the ball across your body to the opposite side. Put that hand on the ball, do a push-up, and roll the ball back. This will take some work, depending on the surface, but it’s fun to change surfaces and mix them up. You’ll really feel your core!

  4. spiderman: This one is very challenging because it requires tremendous dynamic core stability throughout the movement. Set up just like a standard pushup. As you lower, pull one knee up/out to the side, then, as you press up, return it to the starting position. Repeat on the other side.

Corrective/Recovery Push-up Variations

When someone comes to me with a known movement problem, I use a pushup variation to help them. Here are my two favorite options:

  1. Push-ups to downward dog: Many weightlifters have their center of gravity forward, their center of gravity is too far forward. A large forward weight shift robs your body of its natural mobility. Push-ups to downward dog will help you shift your weight back and open the back of your body. Simply do a standard push-up, then at the midpoint, push your hips toward the sky while extending your knees and pressing your heels down. Inhale in that top position and really lengthen everything.

  2. Offset pushups on the box: This is great if the athlete’s body is twisting to the right or left and you want to push them back in the opposite direction. Setup is simple: place one hand on the box and the other on the ground. At the top, stretch out to the sides while keeping the chest up/out.

I recently did a 20 pushup with ProblemChildFitness (look him up) and it totally broke me

i have a week of dom



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