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Saturday, March 2, 2024
HomeBody Building SupplementsDrop-Dead Drop Sets for Advanced Lifters - Bigger Stronger Leaner - COMMUNITY

Drop-Dead Drop Sets for Advanced Lifters – Bigger Stronger Leaner – COMMUNITY

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The drop set method has always been around, but you’ve never seen it used like this! Try these tough muscle workouts.

Drop sets are a staple of most hypertrophy programs for one simple reason: They work. When you get tired, you move from one exercise, technique or load to another. Each transition you make gets easier and easier, allowing you to expand groups with more reps. This allows you to increase your overall workout intensity and create a more pronounced overload stimulus.

Drop sets also allow you to add even more volume, repeatedly pushing you toward the threshold of failure.train on the brink of failure and Beyond can recruit more muscle fibers for maximum growth potential. Oh yes, drop sets give you crazy pumps.

Four types of drop groups

1. Mechanical drop group

Train a specific movement or pattern, then manipulate the pose or exercise to make it easier for you when you fatigue. Here’s an example (see the video above for a demonstration):

Pressure drop kit

exercise represent
A1. Banded Dumbbell Chest Press, Feet Up fail
A2. Banded Dumbbell Chest Press, Feet Down fail
A3. Resistance Band Pushups fail
A4. standard push up fail

Start with a banded dumbbell chest press with your feet up and repeat as many times as you want. Then lower your leg to help generate more power and continue to push out more reps. This slight variation in body position and use of leg drive allows you to perform the same exercise several more times. From there, immediately move to band-resistance push-ups to train the same movement pattern. Go to failure, then remove the band and repeat as many times as possible.

Here’s another drop set where you always use the same weight:

Lateral lift drop group

exercise represent
B1. Seated Upright Side Raise fail
B2. Standing Strict Lateral Raise fail
B3. Body English Standing Side Raise fail

For this one, you use the same movement extension set, but by changing the technique so that it’s easier to lift when you’re fatigued.

start in a sitting position with a partial range of motion, and dead station in each rep. To fail. Then immediately move to a standing position with strict form. To fail. Finish with a similar stand-up failure, but make it slightly easier by changing your technique and adding some momentum.

2. On-board strip droplet set

Here’s a slightly different way to achieve the same effect. Complete as many reps as you can (or settle for a specific number of reps), then immediately lower the plates off the bar and continue each set with a lighter load. Repeat until you’re completely done.

If you have a training partner, you can do this without having to re-rig every time and peel the plate off yourself. In the video, I am using a belt squat machine.

3. Pin-Loaded Drop Set

Use this strategy with machines, such as pull-downs. Moving the pin to a lighter load immediately after a failure provides a quick weight reduction. Continue to repeat with a lighter load until fatigue or failure occurs. Keep descending for more reps, volume and wicked pumps.

4. Chain Descent Sets

You can also use chains to add loads and then quickly remove them after reaching a fault. See the pull-up example in the video.

What’s your favorite way to do drop sets? Comment below!



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