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Monday, March 4, 2024
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The Nutrient Partitioning Powerhouse – Supplements and Nutrition – COMMUNITY

Cyanidin 3-Glucoside: The Complete Guide

C3G (anthocyanin 3-glucoside) is a natural ingredient that shrinks fat cells, burns fat, prevents fat storage, etc. This is science.

C3G (anthocyanin 3-glucoside) Indigo-3G® Controls Carbohydrates to Build Muscle – T Nation Biotest is a naturally occurring anthocyanin (flavonoid) found in blueberries, blackberries, acai and various other dark fruits and vegetables. This potent nutrient has so much health and strength-enhancing wealth that it’s almost embarrassing, likely to confuse people, or worse, evoke a degree of skepticism.

Anyway, here’s my best attempt at a shortlist of C3G benefits:

  1. C3G significantly enhances glucose uptake in muscle fibers instead of storage as fat. *
  2. C3G, taken before a workout, helps channel energy from pre workout nutrition directly into muscle cells. *
  3. C3G increases adiponectin levels, which regulates glucose levels and increases fatty acid breakdown. *
  4. C3G has advantages over pharmaceutical glucose handlers. *
  5. C3G shrinks fat cells and limits fat gain and abdominal obesity. *
  6. C3G improves endurance by increasing the production of chemical intermediates involved in the production of ATP (the source of cellular energy). *
  7. C3G lowers blood sugar, triglycerides and cholesterol. *
  8. C3G increases mitochondrial number and function. *
  9. C3G increases and enhances the activity of brown adipose tissue, which is metabolically active and burns calories. *
  10. C3G reduces systemic inflammation. *
  11. C3G promotes healthy stomach and intestinal lining. *
  12. C3G improves night vision and helps prevent eye strain. *
  13. C3G promotes heart and liver health. *
  14. C3G Mimics Life-Extending Benefits calorie restricted diet.*

The actual biochemical pathways that allow C3G to perform all of these actions are diverse. This is my briefest summary of the facts. Check them out and let me know if you’re as impressed as I am.

C3G and Cellular Master Switches

First, and perhaps most importantly, C3G Has a profound effect on a chemical called adenosine monophosphate kinase, or AMPK. Found in every cell of the body, AMPK is the body’s master regulatory switch that largely determines how fat you are, how strong you are, and even how long you live.

According to at least one study involving humans, ingestion of C3G increased AMPK production by 2.88-fold. In turn, these increased AMPK levels lead to massive upregulation of a “transcriptional activator” called PGC-1 alpha, which increases exercise capacity, fatigue resistance, and oxygen uptake, thereby increasing muscle mass (assuming all other factors are acetic acid).

C3G Mimics the Actions of the Most Powerful Hormones

Insulin is the most powerful hormone our body produces. C3G has insulin-like properties because it activates insulin receptor substrates, which in turn activate insulin signaling proteins. These signaling proteins then stimulate glucose uptake by skeletal muscle tissue but not fat cells.

Assuming your workouts and lifestyle are organized, it’s important that you eat more than your maintenance allowance and any weight gain goes into muscle rather than fat.

But C3G’s insulin-like properties don’t stop there. One of several laboratory experiments involving C3G showed two dose-related drops in blood sugar of 33% and 51%, prompting the study’s authors to comment on how beneficial it was compared to powerful pharmaceutical glucose handlers.

C3G sends fat cells to fat camp

C3G also activates adiponectin, allowing fat cells to function as another endocrine organ (such as the thyroid or adrenal gland), regulating insulin sensitivity, lipid metabolism, and inflammation. When C3G-related adiponectin increases, insulin sensitivity increases, inflammation decreases, and fat cells release fatty acids into the blood, causing them (and you) to become leaner.

Increased adiponectin also helps produce more cellular engines called mitochondria. In theory, if you could control the health and growth of your mitochondria, you could at least double your lifespan without any of the diseases normally associated with aging. From an athletic standpoint, manipulating the activity and number of mitochondria in muscle cells can lead to huge improvements in strength and endurance that don’t decline with age.

In some cases, the increase in mitochondria causes slow-metabolizing white fat to switch to more metabolically active, calorie-burning fat. brown fat. It also induces palmitate oxidation and citrate synthase activity, both of which are intermediates in ATP production, allowing cells to move faster and longer.

So why can’t I eat a bunch of blueberries?

All of this makes it seem logical to increase C3G intake by adding more blueberries to the diet. It’s a good idea, but C3G has poor bioavailability. You have to eat plenty of dark berries to reap the muscle-building, fat-burning, life-extending, and heart-protecting C3G benefits.

Maybe you think you’ve eaten enough blueberries to get your C3G. Pardon my rudeness; if your morning poop isn’t purple, you’re probably not eating enough blueberries to benefit from C3G.

Taking supplemental C3G is the way to go, taking Biotest’s daily Indigo-3G® The supplement provides 600 mg of this powerful anthocyanin. Biotest also added a neat little twist, taking the approach of the pharmaceutical industry: Each Indigo-3G® capsule, when ingested, produces a formulated microemulsion of anthocyanin 3-glucoside. This highly efficient process increases the potency, bioavailability and stability of C3G.

how to take

Before dinner: Take 3 Indigo-3G® capsules on an empty stomach 30 minutes before dinner.

Before exercise: On workout days, take 3 Indigo-3G® capsules 30 minutes before your workout nutrient intake, so insulin sensitivity increases quickly and the carbohydrates you consume fuel your muscles only.

The ultimate supplement?

There are several great supplements out there. Some work by manipulating your anabolic/androgenic levels. Some target specific muscle-building pathways, while others are powerful anti-inflammatory agents, but no other has as many effects from so many biochemical perspectives as anthocyanin 3-glucoside.

The difficulty of extracting substances from natural sources makes Indigo-3G® Refills are a bit pricey, but it’s worth it.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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