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Monday, March 4, 2024
HomeBody Building SupplementsControl Freak: Accentuated Eccentrics for Gains - Bigger Stronger Leaner - COMMUNITY

Control Freak: Accentuated Eccentrics for Gains – Bigger Stronger Leaner – COMMUNITY

An advanced training method, four major benefits

Perfect your technique, reduce your risk of injury, build muscle, increase mobility, and get better at just about everything. That’s it.

“The quirk of emphasis” is a coaching way of saying that focusing on the lowering phase of a rep to trigger certain adaptations. Including rhythmic work that emphasizes slow and controlled eccentricity early in the program is a great way to increase kinesthetic awareness, induce hypertrophic responses, improve flexibility, and improve overall performance.

Four ways (see video)

  1. Try a bench press with a 4-second drop phase, a 2-second chest pause, and a quick return to the top. In this case, the speed changes according to the stage of the ascension. A Kadillac barbell is used in the video, but you can use this technique with multiple lifts.

  2. The sumo deadlift SECOND-rep has an eccentric center of gravity. For this, your first rep is intended to be done as fast as possible, then you slow down your second and consecutive reps to allow for a longer time under tension (TUT). In this case, the tempo changes after a certain rep.

  3. Try changing your tempo when squatting with a Safety Squat Bar (SSB). Slow down to reinforce proper form. For this one, you can slow down each phase of the lift to optimize your technique.

  4. A bench press with a weight release allows the overload to be eccentric in the first rep, while the concentric (push phase) is relieved and blasted from the chest as the weight release hook descends towards the bottom. For this one, you simply manipulate the tempo during the first phase of the first rep.

Standout Weird: The Benefits

technology enhancement

Slowing down the motion gives you more time to focus on executing technical tips. This also helps with proprioception. You have more time to identify correct and incorrect bar paths or any errors that may exist in your exercise patterns.

reduce the risk of injury

Eccentric training is very effective in improving the size and mass of soft tissues (muscles and tendons). This prepares your body for heavier loads.

Full range of motion training with controlled eccentric training can also help improve mobility as a form of weight-bearing stretching. By improving motor control and strength throughout the full range of motion, the body will be more resilient at the end of the range of motion.

improve sports performance

Reinforced cams allow you to be more efficient at full range of motion. This is important because it makes you more capable of absorbing potential energy, such as when decelerating, and becomes more capable of generating force during the concentric phase of motion. Basically, beefing up the brakes will help reduce inefficiencies or “energy leaks” when reacting to movement.


Intensifying eccentric training increases the time spent under mechanical tension and metabolic stress—a great way to stimulate muscle growth.




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