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The Velocity Diet: Family Man Edition – Supplements and Nutrition – COMMUNITY

The Velocity Diet: Family Man Edition – Supplements and Nutrition – COMMUNITY

Lifestyle Friendly Fat Loss

This T Nation member modifies the popular high-protein diet to suit her specific needs. His results and insights are eye-opening.

The Velocity Diet® always sounds like fun: just drink protein shakes most of the day. Your calories will be reduced by rapid fat loss (no need to count), the shake will help you retain or even gain some muscle while maintaining your metabolic rate, the overall effect will “reshape” your taste buds, eating habits and unhealthy cravings, So you can lose fat after dieting.

But I’m a family man and meals are family gatherings. I don’t skip that important social time. I also want to be an active nutrition model. I don’t want them to see me drinking most of my nutrition; I want them to observe more normal eating habits. They’ve seen enough “extreme” from me!

but then Velocity Diet® 4.0 adds Healthy Solid Meals (HSM), including dinners with the family. After talking with diet creators in the T Nation community, I realized I could modify the plan to suit my needs.

I must stress that I am not trying to lose weight! I’m mostly trying to simplify my life.

Here’s what I did and what I experienced along the way.

The Speed ​​Diet: My Way

First, I wanted to have breakfast with my kids, so I made a Metabolic Drive® Shake into “oatmeal”. I mix protein powder with some heated cauliflower, cinnamon and a little water.

I also choose to keep the carbs in the plan fairly low. The shakes are already low so all I have to do is keep my dinners low carb.

The Velocity Diet® is four shakes per day. I decided to have breakfast separately. I train late at night on weekdays and don’t want to train on an empty stomach.So I start my day with a scoop of Metabolic Drive® water and flameout® and Micellar Curcumin®. I trained and then ate another 1.5 scoops as “oatmeal” with my kids. I also made a green tea mix during my second meal, super foodone copy creatineand a scoop of Metamucil without sugar.

For the first week, I stuck to my schedule and waited until lunch for my next shake, then a midday shake, HSM, and then a bedtime shake. I was super hungry before lunch and found myself literally forcing a midday shake. So I turned around and turned my midday shake into a morning shake, skipped midday, and switched from lunchtime to HSM. good results.

Two to three days a week, I also do a second HSM over lunch when my wife is free. She’s beautiful and charming and the light of day in my world, so I’m going to have lunch with her. On these days, I make it a real HSM, and then, when it comes to dinner time, I’ll mostly stick to lean protein with little fat and carbs.

On the weekends, I’m always with my family, so three meals a day plus two smoothies (one before bed and another throughout the day). I still take my Flameout® and Micellar Curcumin®.I also used Alpha Male®, ElitePro™ Mineralsthen I start Indigo-3G® The same goes for this diet. I usually take Indigo-3G at night before HSM.

On Saturdays, I have a nice meal with my family and eat what I like to eat. From a social therapy standpoint, it’s amazing, and it’s fun to share “fun food” with the family, like nachos or Panda Express. But man, I felt like I was hit by a bomb for two or three hours after that. Indigo-3G was really put to the test there! (Given its nutrient-distributing role, I consider it an excellent “insurance policy” for larger meals.) I keep my carbs low for the rest of the weekend.

Finally, I also add salt to all my smoothies. During the first few days of my diet, I was often dizzy. Followers of my journal know that my blood pressure is stupidly low, as is my resting heart rate. Before I started my diet, I added salt to everything to help lower my blood pressure. I realized that without solid food, I was missing a salt path, so I added salt to my smoothie. As any baker knows, salt actually adds sweetness.

So how does it all work?

After 22 days on the program, I lost a little over 8 lbs. After 29 days, I lost 11 lbs. It was originally planned to be only 28 days, but it became a way of life for me. It’s just too easy to adopt.

After 42 days, I’ve lost over 13 lbs. Not long after, I lost 15 pounds. Losing those last 2 pounds just shows some of the magic in it. I feel like it really just reset my body and got my metabolism humming at an impossibly fast pace and primed for change.

As I write this, I’m off the program, but I’ve lost another 2.5 lbs. Seems like it really primed my metabolism for success.

Again, my main goal is not to lose weight, but to lose weight. This is to simplify my life. And I’m not even following the full V-Diet program. (Imagine if I had?)

My performance in the gym hasn’t suffered as a result, and I have a lot more muscle than I used to when I was on a diet.

I’m getting thinner and summer is almost here, which is great.

what i learned

I really enjoyed this trial period; it was an eye-opener. some thoughts:

notes: Get all the details and follow the rest of Jared’s journey here. Be sure to check out his epic training log.

Check out the original V-Diet here.


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