Home Body Building Supplements The 1-Minute Morning Push-Up Routine – Bigger Stronger Leaner – COMMUNITY

The 1-Minute Morning Push-Up Routine – Bigger Stronger Leaner – COMMUNITY

The 1-Minute Morning Push-Up Routine – Bigger Stronger Leaner – COMMUNITY

Get up and do pushups!

This routine will get your glutes in shape in the morning, relieve stiffness, and prepare your body for heavy lifting.

Break your bad habit of waking up early, leave your phone in another room, and summon your inner brother yogi. Wake yourself up with a few sets of yoga push-ups every morning.

Yoga Pushups: What They Are and Why They Work

Yoga push-ups are basically regular Push-ups for hip excursions. The pushup portion will do what pushups normally do, but the extra lift in the hips is what makes yoga pushups so special. This is especially true first thing in the day when you have stiff AF and need to move.

Yoga push-ups relax your entire body, especially your shoulders and hips, allowing your posture And drop some much-needed TLC to start the day right.

You know how important the rotator cuff muscles are. But don’t forget that for optimal shoulder health and balance, the serratus is arguably just as important. Not only is the yoga push-up good for opening the shoulders in the overhead position, but it also works the upward rotation of the scapula and the strength of the serratus anterior.

Don’t forget the mini pump push ups will do you good. Whether you’re headed to the office or the gym, a little extra blood flow never hurts anyone. Forget your mushroom coffee, a pre-breakfast pump is the only cognitive enhancer you need.

If you’re “too busy” to add a minute of these to your morning routine, use them as a warm-up for your workout.

Yoga Push Up Variations

You can come up with many modifications. Switching between them often keeps things interesting while giving you an idea of ​​the benefits of different positions. Here are a few to try.

Elevate your feet: Elevating your feet is a great way to work your upper body. If you want to add more difficulty, choose one leg at a time.

Toe Tap and Butt Tap: These changes add variety and help keep things fresh. Adding the stretch with one arm allows you to get an extra unilateral stretch while activating your core.

spiderman: Move in Spider-Man pose. These will open up your hips while challenging your rotational stability.

Y-Arrival: The Y-reach will further improve your overhead position while activating key shoulder and scapular stabilizers.

Slider changes: add some slider Mix it up to get all the benefits of yoga pushups while hitting your core harder. If you don’t have sliders, wear socks on slippery floors.

traitor: Become a maverick with the rebellious yoga pushup. You might be tempted to skip these for breakfast, but these are a great workout finisher for a time-saving pushup and pretty much anything.

your daily prescription

You don’t need to spend too long doing these to feel the benefits. Commit to doing only 10 first thing in the morning, and then add another two or two. This won’t take more than a minute. Choose any variation you like.


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