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This Stuff Kills Fat Cells – Supplements and Nutrition – COMMUNITY

This Stuff Kills Fat Cells – Supplements and Nutrition – COMMUNITY

Newly Discovered Curcumin Benefits

New research shows that curcumin prevents baby fat cells from maturing while also causing adult fat cells to commit suicide.

Curcumin List benefit Growing. Curcumin started out as a potent pain reliever and anti-inflammatory, but then we discovered that it also blocks estrogen, boosts testosterone levels, improves heart health, makes you stronger, dissolves plaque in your arteries, stops knee pain, and Reduce the risk of diabetes. (More info here.)

Now new research shows that curcumin causes fat cells to undergo apoptosis, the term for cellular suicide. When apoptosis begins, the cell surface begins to bubble and stir, almost as if boiling. Then, its nucleus begins to divide. Eventually, the cells tear apart, spilling the detached gut into a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčinterstitial fluid.

A phagocytic cleanup team accustomed to working in the humidity arrived to dispose of the carcass but did not investigate because they knew curcumin was the culprit.

The new curcumin study also showed that curcumin prevented preadipocytes (baby fat cells) from developing into mature fat cells. Here’s a summary of the science and what it means for you.

research, short and sweet

Researchers in Taiwan already knew from several recent studies that curcumin supplementation could reduce body fat gain caused by a high-fat diet, but they didn’t know the mechanism behind curcumin’s aversion to plumpness.

To find out, they exposed mouse preadipocytes to different concentrations of curcumin for different periods of time. They also exposed preadipocytes to a low dose of curcumin for one hour, followed by a 24-hour incubation period.

they found curcumin Inhibits adipocyte differentiation. In other words, the supplements prevent fat cells from maturing and fulfilling their ultimate function: storing fat.

Higher doses of curcumin actually caused fat cells to commit suicide, while lower doses prevented fat cells from maturing in babies. They suspect this is related to curcumin’s modulatory effect on the Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway, which helps determine cell fate.

The authors looked excited, writing:

“These findings suggest that curcumin supplementation may be an effective strategy for the treatment or prevention of obesity by curcumin-induced reductions in the number of preadipocytes and fat mass in adipocytes.”

how this information is used

When you think about it, curcumin’s effects on fat cells may be related to many of the other benefits listed in the opening paragraph.

Overall, our fat cells are a major endocrine organ with powerful effects on appetite regulation, insulin sensitivity, immune response, and vascular disease, so if curcumin leads to less fat cell formation, it also leads to Other cells die, which makes sense it would have so many beneficial side effects.

As for how much curcumin to take to reduce fat mass, it’s hard to say. Scientists exposed adipocytes to concentrations of up to 50 micrograms of curcumin to make them Hari-kari and 30 micrograms of curcumin to prevent preadipocytes from forming into mature adipocytes, but given our human With such a wide variety of body weights, it can be difficult to deduce the proper dosage.

However, considering that 30 micrograms is very small (1000 micrograms equals 1 milligram), the standard Biotest dose of curcumin would certainly put the average person into the therapeutic range.

More importantly, Biotest Micellar Curcumin The formula contains solid lipid curcumin granules, which produce 95 times more free curcumin in the blood than standard curcumin with piperine (Gota VS et al., 2010).

biological test

refer to

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