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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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Boost Metabolic Velocity: The Protein-Based Diet Strategy – Diet and Nutrition – COMMUNITY

Better Body Composition, Made Easy

A protein-based diet strategy never fails. Here’s why and how to do it, plus a special opportunity to score some free protein powder.

Who Wants Free MD and a Blender?

At the end of this article, we’re giving 10 people a supply of Metabolic Drive protein and a blender. Why? ‘Cause we’re awesome. But we also believe consuming more protein will improve your life… or at least your physique and overall health. We’ll prove it to you by supplying the protein.

“Your Husband Saved My Life”

A stranger said that to my wife recently at the gym. He was talking about his experience on the Velocity Diet. Apparently, he’d used the protein-packed plan to lose fat and kick his bad dietary habits.

That’s great to hear. And it wasn’t just the reduced-calorie plan that did it. The primary driver of his success was the increased protein intake.

Protein is the enemy of love handles, belly fat, and even full-blown obesity. It’s the jet fuel for building muscle, the driver of healthy metabolisms, and the nemesis of aging poorly. Also, protein makes you look better naked.

Call it protein-based or protein-centric eating. Better yet, call it metabolic eating because a high-protein diet speeds up and lays the foundation for long-term positive outcomes.

It’s not a diet; it’s a practice that becomes an ingrained habit. It’s something you don’t have to think about anymore, like brushing your teeth or wearing a seatbelt. A protein-based diet trends your body in the right direction: less fat, more muscle, more strength. And science backs it all up.

Protein Power

I’ve written thousands of words on protein science over the years, but let’s just review some of the most fascinating bits.

In multiple studies, when two groups of people eat the same number of calories to lose weight, the group that consumes more protein as part of their calorie allotment loses more body fat and retains more muscle. While both groups lose weight, the protein-centric eaters finish their diets with better body composition and healthier metabolisms.

In one particular study, two groups consumed 2100 calories daily but different amounts of protein. The high-protein group burned more calories and body fat all day long, even while sleeping, and without even training.

In another study, adding just 21 grams of daily protein led to other non-protein-related diet improvements: participants ate more green veggies, better quality carbs, and less sugar.

And this is huge: protein is the most satiating macronutrient – it keeps you full, especially if you’re getting the right type of it. Why do people fail diets? Because they’re hungry! Protein is the hunger killer, making dietary compliance much easier. As a bonus, protein also has a high TEF or thermic effect – your body expends more calories processing it than fats or carbs.

Protein is the master autoregulation agent. Eat enough of it and just about everything else falls into place, from calorie management and craving control to making better food choices.

The Metabolic Eating Solution

  1. Eat roughly a gram of protein per pound of body weight from whole-food sources and protein powder. (Don’t sweat it if you’re 10-15 grams off in either direction.)

    That’s a one-sentence diet that works just about every time. If you’re very overweight, choose a realistic, healthy goal weight and eat that many grams of protein per day. Don’t worry about counting calories and other macros; just keep a casual eye on protein grams.

  2. Use Metabolic Drive to make it all easier. MD contains only the most expensive and most effective forms of thermogenic micellar casein and whey isolate. It contains no added fillers, and the flavor beats anything else on the market.

    Along with regular foods, consume 4 scoops of MD per day. That’s 440 calories and 88 grams of protein.

    You have some options here:

  • Drink two shakes per day (2 scoops each). These can replace meals or be consumed between meals.
  • Drink one shake per day (2 scoops) and use the other 2 scoops in recipes or add them to other foods, like oatmeal.
  • Divide your 4 scoops up however you want. Many MD fans like to have a 1-2 scoop shake 30 minutes before bed to stimulate whole-body protein synthesis rates.
  1. Whether you’re using MD or regular protein foods, consume 30-44 grams of protein for breakfast. Studies show that a high-protein breakfast helps control your appetite for the rest of the day and reduces night time overeating.

  2. What about the rest of your diet? You’ll naturally reduce hunger with the supplemental protein intake, but be sure to “fill in” however many grams of protein are remaining with chicken, eggs, beef, turkey, fish, etc. Choose smart carb sources like rice, potatoes, and oats, and throw in whatever vegetables or berries you prefer. Stick to healthy fat sources like avocado, fish oil, raw nuts, and olive oil.

That’s it. Eat a lot of protein, supplement with MD, eat healthy foods, and don’t skip breakfast.

The 45-Day Metabolic Velocity Challenge

Follow the steps above and you’ll almost certainly drop body fat, build more muscle if you’re lifting, and feel pretty dang awesome. I challenge everyone to give it a serious shot, and I’ll double-dog-dare 10 people to make their experience public, right below this article in the comments.

Biotest will send 10 people six free pouches of MD and a blender ($284 value), enough for 4 servings a day for 45 days.

Is there a catch? Yes. To apply for the freebies, you’ll need to be a US resident (US48) and do this:

  1. Reply below with a photo of yourself. (You don’t have to be shirtless.)

  2. Tell us about yourself: Where you live, your age, goals, challenges, workout history, etc. Let everyone get to know you.

We’ll choose 10 people to get the MD package. Those chosen will then use the same comments section below to share their experiences, keep us updated, and ask questions.

Let’s do this.




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