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Natural Sexual Health and Prostate Support – Diet and Nutrition – COMMUNITY

Natural Sexual Health and Prostate Support – Diet and Nutrition – COMMUNITY

Support for Everything Down There

Support and fortify your sex organs and prostate so you sex it up better and pee like a champion. Here’s how.

Biotest had an objective. We wanted to create a supplement that supports the health of the prostate and the urinary tract and improves overall sexual health and function. Our list of goals was ambitious:

Prostate Support

  • Promote healthy prostate size and function
  • Help manage oxidative stress and inflammation
  • Support healthy urination and bladder emptying
  • Help protect prostate cells
  • Promote healthy hormone metabolism in the prostate
  • Help maintain already healthy PSA levels

Sexual Vascular Health

  • Promote better blood flow to the penis
  • Help improve sperm quality and motility

Urinary Tract Health

  • Support healthy urinary flow
  • Help protect urinary tract surface and lining

In short, we wanted to make a supplement that would fortify your genitourinary health so you could pee better and sex it up better. And it wouldn’t just be for old guys who make too many trips to the bathroom or have erection problems, but also for younger guys who want to keep their prostate, penis, balls, and bladder functioning like they did when they were in their twenties.

So we scoured the literature. We consulted experts. We noted the mistakes and shortcomings of commercial “prostate support” supplements and took note. We found out what worked and what didn’t.

Our labors resulted in a shortlist of three pretty impressive natural substances, each with a mountain of research behind it, and each chosen for how successfully it fulfills the goals listed above. Then we sourced the highest quality, most concentrated forms of all three and combined them to make Biotest’s P-Well formula (on Amazon):

  • Punicalagins (from pomegranate whole fruit extract)
  • Lycopene (from natural tomato fruit extract)
  • Cranberry whole fruit 50:1 concentrate

Here’s a quick run-down of what each of these ingredients is and what it does:

Punicalagins From Pomegranate Whole Fruit Extract

Punicalagins are the large molecules responsible for much of the “magic” associated with pomegranate juice. They belong to a class of polyphenols known as ellagitannins that, once ingested, act in multiple ways. Some act directly as antioxidants, while others are metabolized by microflora in the gut to form potent compounds such as ellagic acid and urolithins.

What’s hugely compelling about them is that a large number of in-vitro, animal, and human studies have suggested they play a significant role in the health of the human genitourinary tract. Among the positive findings of assorted pomegranate and punicalagin studies are the following:

  • Helps manage reproductive inflammation
  • Promotes healthy prostate size and function
  • Supports healthy hormone metabolism in the prostate
  • Helps maintains already healthy PSA levels
  • Promotes better blood flow to the penis
  • Supports healthy urinary flow

Lycopene From Natural Tomato Fruit Extract

Lycopene is a red carotenoid pigment that gives tomatoes, watermelons, and pink grapefruit their characteristic color. Lycopene has over 2,000 peer-reviewed studies dedicated to it, making it one of the most studied plant chemicals ever.

Even though its health-promoting effects are diverse, lycopene specifically fortifies male reproductive health in the following unique ways:

  • Helps protect prostate cells from oxidative stress
  • Promotes improved sperm quality and motility

Cranberry Whole Fruit 50:1 Concentrate

Cranberries contain a variety of plant chemicals with positive effects on the urinary tract. This is especially true with a strong cranberry concentrate like that found in the P-Well formula.

Multiple studies show cranberry, especially cranberry concentrate, sustains the health of the muscles that control the bladder and provides the following important advantages for the urinary tract:

  • Promotes healthy urination and bladder emptying
  • Helps protect urinary tract surface and lining

Tangible Benefits, Better Health, Better Life

The P-Well (on Amazon) supplement is different from most formulas in that you probably won’t have to take it on faith that it’s working. Hopefully, it will show you it’s working by how it positively changes your life.

You might notice you have a stronger urine stream and a more efficient emptying of the bladder. You could also enjoy a better sex life with more blood flow into the penis. And perhaps most importantly, P-Well supports the overall health and function of the all-too-vulnerable prostate.

Does It Do Anything for Women?

Yes. It may help raise testosterone and make orgasms more powerful, along with supporting reproductive and urinary tract health. More info here: The Sexual Health Booster for Women.




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