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The 5x5x5 Method for Strong Glutes – Bigger Stronger Leaner – COMMUNITY

The 5x5x5 Method for Strong Glutes – Bigger Stronger Leaner – COMMUNITY

Guaranteed Booty Building

Build your butt in no time with this strategy that lights up your glutes and forces you to use high doses of intensity.

Glutes are tough to build for some lifters. Why? It comes from the inability to actually feel them working, plus failing to use enough intensity. But there’s a way to solve both problems.

If you’re familiar with 5×5 training, you know it does an amazing job of getting the body strong and building muscle with compound lifts. And you can take this method to the next level and introduce five-second holds. It then becomes the 5x5x5 method (sets x reps x seconds of holding at the top). While this may work with other exercises, it’s perfect for the ultimate butt builder ¬– the hip thrust.

Doing 5x5x5 for the Hip Thrust

The glutes work the hardest at the top of the lift, where your hips fully extend. Since most of the value of the hip thrust comes from the lockout, it’s smart to maximize the tension and stay there a bit longer.

Yes, the five-second hold at the top reduces intensity compared to a typical hip thrust without an extended hold, but the connection and glute activation are far greater. So, it’s a minor trade-off.

By no means is intensity low; it’s just a tad reduced. Instead of using 85% of your 1-rep max, use closer to 70-75%. But remember, by the fourth and fifth set, your glutes won’t know the difference. While playing around with this method, I had to decrease weight from 405 pounds for my regular 5×5 hip thrust to about 355 with the five-second hold at the top.

Burn Your Butt Even More

If you’re worried that the glutes aren’t going to respond to a lower rep range, there’s something else you can include. After your fifth set of hip thrusts, take your normal rest period and do a final sixth set using the same weight but without the hold at the top. This allows you to get 15-25 reps. And since your glutes are well-activated, those reps will burn. Curse me during, but thank me later. The key, however, is intensity. Think Mike Mentzer’s, High Intensity Training with this set, and take it to absolute glute-crushing failure.

Programming It

Make it a goal to work up to close to your traditional 5×5 weight. You probably won’t get there in 6-8 weeks, but it’s a fun way to push intensity from week to week. Deload every fourth week by reducing the volume to three sets and intensity by about 5-10%.

Don’t forget to eat your calories and hit your Metabolic Drive on Amazon. Your glutes depend on it.



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