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Monday, March 4, 2024
HomeBody Building SupplementsTraining Frequency: Hypertrophy vs. Performance - Bigger Stronger Leaner - COMMUNITY

Training Frequency: Hypertrophy vs. Performance – Bigger Stronger Leaner – COMMUNITY

How Often Should You Train

How often should you hit the same muscle or lift? It depends on your primary goal. Here’s what you need to know.

I generally favor training each muscle frequently and training the big basic lifts fairly often. However, new studies show that it may not be a great idea if the main goal is hypertrophy.

The Bullet Points

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At 55 (I know, I look 35, ahem)…full body 3 days per week works very well with respect to schedule and how I feel overall. I’ve done the bro split, and if there is a gap in my week (due to work, or family) I’ll feel like I’m not complete (best way to describe it)…

Just personal experience for what it’s worth



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